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EMIL EGGER logistics solutions for general cargo, heavy cargo and warehousing

All-round logistics service

EMIL EGGER transports general cargo in any size and weight in 24h service all over Switzerland. Whether pallets, bulky boxes or long goods, your goods are in safe hands with us.

EMIL EGGER ist Schwergutlogistikprofi und hat den grössten Raupenkran der Schweiz.

Experience, innovations and the most efficient crane and special transport fleet make EMIL EGGER the leading heavy cargo logistics company in Switzerland.

EMIL EGGER hat schweizweit Lager für Stückgut und Schwergut.

EMIL EGGER has numerous, well-located warehouses in Switzerland. From pallet warehouse to heavy lift warehouse with comprehensive infrastructure, we cover all needs of our customers.


Professional Crane logistics

EMIL EGGER ranks in the top 20 of German-speaking crane service providers

Fast, flexible and professional – that’s our motto. We can be reached 24 hours on the hotline +41 71 282 52 20 and are available in all regions of Switzerland. Thanks to our powerful crane and special transport sector, we are always ready for action. EMIL EGGER is also the only Swiss company to rank among the top 20 German-speaking crane service providers. Our diverse fleet includes mobile cranes, crawler cranes, mobile construction cranes, special cranes, truck cranes and mini cranes.

Crane logistics


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EMIL EGGER rents modern office space and meeting rooms on a short and long-term basis at its location in St. Gallen.

Available areas
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Lifting or working platforms for any application with or without operation uncomplicated rent.

Lifting platforms overview
Wechselpritschen Vermietung EMIL EGGER


Benefit from our swap body system and avoid unnecessary reloading.

Interchangeable platform details
Vermietung Stapler EMIL EGGER


We rent forklifts from 7 to 16 tons lifting capacity including operators. Under 7 ton lifting capacity we also rent for self-service.

Stapler mieten
Durabase Fahrbahnplatten von EMIL EGGER mieten


Our roadway slabs enable the fastening and protection of soil, especially on construction sites.

Rent roadway slabs

Meeting room

We rent out various meeting rooms / seminar rooms with excellent infrastructure at Spühlstrasse 4 in St. Gallen.

Meeting room in St. Gallen

Subsidiary HALAG

Your strong partner for customs clearance

For professional customs clearance you can rely on our subsidiary HALAG. With two locations in St. Margrethen in Switzerland and Wolfurt in Austria, it performs the following tasks:

  • Import and export customs clearance
  • Approved reception and dispatch in St. Margrethen
  • Individual handling adapted to needs
  • Advice on customs matters
  • Europe-wide customs clearance



The EMIL EGGER Group introduces itself


The EMIL EGGER Group, an owner-managed family business in its 3rd generation, with 11 locations and 800 employees throughout Switzerland, is characterised by many years of experience in the logistics industry and strong customer orientation. We take responsibility for the challenges as well as products of our customers & partners and are THE reliable professional for the entire logistics.

About us



“From the initial idea to the precise delivery and lifting of the boiler parts, everything is in one hand with the EMIL EGGER team. Competent, precise, reliable down to the smallest detail. A tour de force.”

Dieter Jäger,
Sales Manager

Exchange furnace and boiler incineration plant

Bystronic Laser AG


“The cooperation with EMIL EGGER AG is based on trust and mutual respect.

The entire logistics concept that we were able to establish with EMIL EGGER (including IT connection) has made our intralogistics massively more efficient. With the EMIL EGGER company, we were able to take our logistics to the next level!”

Fabian Furrer,
Managing Director

Zusammenarbeit mit Bystronic Laser AG

stürmsfs ag

High quality, flexibility and solution orientation

“In our many years of cooperation, we have come to know and appreciate EMIL EGGER AG as a professional and reliable logistics partner. Consistently high quality as well as flexibility and solution orientation are further characteristics that distinguish EMIL EGGER AG.”


Daniel Welti
Division Manager Production


Reliable partner for several years

“EMIL EGGER has already been a reliable partner for our transport logistics needs for several years, with whom we meet our high customer demands.”


René Seibel
Team Leader Purchasing & Logistics


Bystronic Laser AG


“EMIL EGGER is an extremely reliable and solution-oriented partner.

The cooperation is always friendly and very pleasant, whether on the phone or with the chauffeurs on site. Our wishes and concerns are always implemented quickly and unbureaucratically to our great satisfaction.”

Stefan Morgenegg,
Teamleader Logistics

Zusammenarbeit mit Bystronic Laser AG

EMIL EGGER Customers References

Our goal: your satisfaction
Cooperation with Bystronic Laser AG
In 2016, Bystronic Laser AG started the cooperation with EMIL EGGER. What began with simple warehouse logistics has developed over the last few years into trained and process-oriented production logistics.
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Derailed railcar put back on tracks thanks to two EGGER cranes
On Sunday, July 17, 2022, a train of the Appenzeller Bahnen derailed in Wasserauen after colliding with a car. To help the railcar back onto the tracks, EMIL EGGER was quickly on the scene with two mobile cranes.
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Complicated recovery operations after train accident
A locomotive collided with a stationary construction train at Zollikofen station (BE) on Thursday, June 2, 2022. The locomotive driver was slightly injured. No other persons were harmed.
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Rhaetian Railway replaces three old steel bridges - EMIL EGGER takes over crane work
Replacement of three old RHB steel bridges by ETE crane logistics
Not far from the fashionable spa and resort town of St. Moritz in the Swiss canton of Graubünden, a Liebherr LR 11000 crawler crane has installed a 176-ton railroad bridge. This most powerful crawler crane in Switzerland belongs to the logistics and transport company EMIL EGGER AG and got the job done at an altitude of just under 2,000 meters in the Alps – with an unusual setup configuration due to lack of space. In total, three aged truss bridges of the Rhaetian Railway were replaced by the Liebherr crane.
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1000 tons crawler crane from EMIL EGGER in operation on Olma construction site in St. Gallen
1000 ton crawler crane in use for highway overlay
EN: Im Herbst 2021 wurde mithilfe des Raupenkrans LR 11000 der EMIL EGGER AG die Autobahn A1 in St. Gallen auf einer Länge von rund 190 Metern überdeckt. EN: Dabei mussten 186 Spannbetonträger mit 85 Tonnen Gewicht und 30 m Länge millimetergenau platziert werden.
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Disassembly and reassembly of a reworked hydropower turbine
Disassembly and reassembly of a reworked hydropower turbine
Dismantling and reassembly of a reworked hydropower turbine at Matte power station on the River Aare in Bern. EMIL EGGER dismantled the guide vane and the impeller with a total weight of 24 t and brought it from Bern to the ANDRITZ manufacturing plant in Kriens, for a general overhaul. After the overhaul, we transported the turbine back to its place and also took over the assembly with the help of a pneumatic crane.
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Emergency rescue of a railcar of TPC crashed by an avalanche by EMIL EGGER
Emergency rescue of a railcar from TPC that had been injured by an avalanche
On Wednesday 9.2.2022 in the course of the afternoon, in the Vaud Alps, a railcar of the Villars-sur-Ollon – Bretaye rack railroad was buried by an avalanche and plunged down the slope. Fortunately, except for the driver, there were no persons on board and there were no injuries. Until then, no comparable event had ever occurred on this slope.
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Assembly of prefabricated modules with mobile crane from EMIL EGGER
Stable construction with mobile construction crane and transport of large wooden trusses
Fascinatingly fast erection of a house for laying hens in Neuenegg. The wooden trusses were delivered via special transports and our mobile construction crane, together with Renggli’s assembly team, ensured the rapid placement of the large components on site.
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Assembly of EMIL EGGER luffing jib cranes on the Grimsel dam
Grimsel dam – assembly of the luffing jib cranes
At the beginning of this new year, we like to take a look back at the start of the project of the century – the new dam on the Grimsel. The dam is a double-curved arch dam with a volume of about 215,000 cubic meters of concrete. By the end of the 2021 construction season, around 35,000 cubic meters of concrete have been used, which means that around 16 percent of the wall has been built.
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Assembly of steel and concrete elements for a parking garage with the help of a 250-tonne mobile crane.
Assembly steel structure and concrete elements with 250 tons crawler crane
For the assembly of a parking garage in Wohlen, our team arrived with the smallest powerhouse of the EMIL EGGER crawler crane fleet, the 250 tonner. Steel structure and concrete elements are set at the same time.
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National and international partner network

Cargo24 is an association of the strongest, family-run transport companies in Switzerland. The aim is to deliver shipments to recipients throughout Switzerland within 24 hours. Along the way, unnecessary trips are avoided, efficiency is increased and the environment is protected.

Cargo24 also cooperates internationally with various direct transports and partners in Europe. In addition, Cargo24 is a member and shareholder of the PANECO network. PANECO unites forwarders from almost all European countries, enabling shipments in an efficient transport and forwarding network across all borders.


Partner EMIL EGGER Cargo24 Paneco

Sustainable logistics solutions

We take responsibility

As a family business, we are already thinking about the generations of tomorrow, which is why we are happy to make our contribution to climate and environmental protection. We see the responsible use of resources and raw materials as a necessity for attractive logistics. It is therefore important to us to reduce our ecological footprint by taking appropriate measures in all areas of our company.

Sustainability at EMIL EGGER



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St. Gallen

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Chauffeur/Chauffeuse Kat. C/E

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St. Gallen

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QuereinsteigerIn für Kat. C

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Chauffeur Kat. C/E für Rangier- und Umschlagtätigkeiten Nachtschicht

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Lieferwagenfahrer Kat. B / BE

Permanent employment


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St. Gallen

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What our employees value
  • Interesting, future-oriented activities in a dynamic company
  • Varied tasks in an exciting environment
  • Progressive employment conditions and social benefits
  • Modern fleet
  • Free parking
  • Good working atmosphere, established team
  • Family company culture / You culture

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Company news EMIL EGGER
emil-egger-wagon-funicular-crane-logistics-special-transport 1974
Historic moment
After the last trip on Easter Monday, the funicular carriages were lifted off the rails. Back in 1974, as today, EMIL EGGER took care of the logistics.
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Crane specialist EGGER takes over bridge lift
Two hours of work in around one minute: the 120-year-old Sitter Bridge is excavated for the first time for extensive renovation work. This measure is part of the renewal of the railroad line between Gais and Appenzell.
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MS Yellow is transported from Lake Zug to Lake Biel
The passenger ship MS Yellow was transported from Zug to Sugiez by EMIL EGGER using heavy goods transport.
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Prix SVC Eastern Switzerland: Five companies were in the final for the 2024 award
The final for the “Prix SVC Ostschweiz” took place on March 7. For the eleventh time, the Swiss Venture Club (SVC) is honoring exemplary small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Marco Fritsche hosted the award ceremony in the Olma exhibition halls. The event offered the 900 invited guests from business, science, politics and the media insights into entrepreneurship in the region.
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Successful lifting of a reinforced concrete composite bridge in Muttenz
In the night from 15. on the On January 16, as part of the repair work on the Grenzacher Bridge in Muttenz, we were able to lift the new 275 t, 50 m long reinforced concrete composite bridge over the N02 freeway using our 750 t crawler crane. Thanks to our modern equipment, it is possible to handle such unique load cases with this category of crane.
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Stadler Rail Transport
Last week we had the pleasure of transporting a railcar box from St. Margrethen to Dresden for our customer Stadler Rail.
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Exhibit for the new Heavy Metal Garden in Appenzellerpark
Seventh largest mining excavator in the world weighing 800 tons transported from Birsfelden to Herisau.
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Burckhardt Compressor Transport s
Oversized heavy transport
Recently, a piece of engineering art was maneuvered through the Zurzibiet from Winterthur to Basel. A special transporter from EMIL EGGER, loaded with a piston compressor from Burckhardt Compression AG, took on the challenge of transporting the valuable cargo safely along the Swiss roads.
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Baar, entrance Aegeristrassse
Transport of the motorboat Schwyz from Lake Zug to Lake Walen
The MS Schwyz changes the lake. The ship with a length of 31.2 m, a width of 7 m and a height of 4.4 m was lifted out of Lake Zug on Monday morning by two pneu cranes of the EMIL EGGER Group and loaded onto an articulated lorry. It will change lakes and be transported to Lake Walen under challenging conditions and, if everything goes according to plan, will finally be put into the water on Thursday.
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EMIL EGGER relies on Liebherr crawler cranes for the construction of an impressive wind farm
The EMIL EGGER Group is one of the top 20 crane service providers in the German-speaking region. In an eight-week deployment, we made an impressive contribution to renewable energy in Switzerland by installing six wind turbines in the Swiss Jura. The impressive turbines, manufactured by Enercon, are expected to produce 22 million kilowatt hours of electricity annually. Key to the successful erection of these wind turbines were modern Liebherr crawler cranes, which lifted loads of over 70 tons to an astonishing height of 100 meters.
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Quality management at EMIL EGGER

We are committed to first class quality

Quality goes hand in hand with the philosophy of EMIL EGGER AG: to provide first-class service for our customers. This service concept characterizes our daily work from scheduling to execution. In order not only to maintain constant quality, but also to continuously improve it, we have organized our processes according to the quality management systems SN EN ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 and have all our services certified by the BUREAU VERITAS.