Heavy transport service

Permits and exceptional transport escorts

The EMIL EGGER heavy transport service includes the organization of special permits, private escorts as well as exceptional transport escorts (ATB) in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein (BF2/BF4). The so-called ATB (exceptional transport escort) drivers safely perform transport escort within the framework of national regulations. EMIL EGGER has sufficient ATB drivers in the required national language (DE, FR, EN, IT), the appropriate vehicles and also the necessary authorizations for the entire area of operation.


“We bring every load with special masses safely to its destination! Our specially trained and experienced staff offers heavy transport services in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein. We guarantee efficient planning and execution with all necessary clarifications, inspections and permits.”

Michael Dudler
Division Manager Heavy Lift Logistics, Member of the Executive Board


Within the framework of exceptional transport escorts, we ensure that the vehicle and cargo arrive safely at their destination on the route prescribed by the licensing authority and in compliance with safety requirements. The focus is on road safety and the protection of road infrastructure.

ATB Authorized companies/persons may give road users mandatory traffic signs and use variable text display boards as part of the transport. Thanks to the exception and escort vehicles, it is allowed to deviate from the traffic rules and signaled or marked instructions during the journey, provided that sufficient safety measures are taken.

We leave nothing to chance! Our team will be happy to meet your challenges and support you in all matters concerning permits and transport escorts so that your goods are ready at the right time, at the right place.

EMIL EGGER heavy transport service:

  • Approval service
  • Project planning
  • Preliminary clarifications
  • Route planning / route testing
  • Escort (BF2 / BF3 in DE)
  • Exception transport escort (BF4 in DE)
  • Vehicle protection
  • Post-steering
  • Traffic control measures (e.g. disassembly and reassembly of traffic signs, traffic signals, etc. / relocation of crossing plates as well as all police measures such as bridge and road closures, traffic rerouting, etc.).

Benefit from the experience of our specialists

Contact person heavy transport service
Jennifer Varela

Jennifer Varela

Permits and ATB Escort
Disposition, Heavy load service

Rolf Balli

Rolf Balli

Team leader ATB
Disposition, Heavy load service



In order to be able to quickly evaluate the suitable devices, the technical manual is available with a practical overview index. Digitally also available as an interactive PDF. On more than 300 pages you will find our heavy goods range at a glance including technical drawings & dimension tables. Our project managers will be happy to provide you with further information.

The entire vehicle fleet in the practical e-paper


emil-egger-wagon-funicular-crane-logistics-special-transport 1974
Historic moment
After the last trip on Easter Monday, the funicular carriages were lifted off the rails. Back in 1974, as today, EMIL EGGER took care of the logistics.
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Crane specialist EGGER takes over bridge lift
Two hours of work in around one minute: the 120-year-old Sitter Bridge is excavated for the first time for extensive renovation work. This measure is part of the renewal of the railroad line between Gais and Appenzell.
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MS Yellow is transported from Lake Zug to Lake Biel
The passenger ship MS Yellow was transported from Zug to Sugiez by EMIL EGGER using heavy goods transport.
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Prix SVC Eastern Switzerland: Five companies were in the final for the 2024 award
The final for the “Prix SVC Ostschweiz” took place on March 7. For the eleventh time, the Swiss Venture Club (SVC) is honoring exemplary small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Marco Fritsche hosted the award ceremony in the Olma exhibition halls. The event offered the 900 invited guests from business, science, politics and the media insights into entrepreneurship in the region.
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Successful lifting of a reinforced concrete composite bridge in Muttenz
In the night from 15. on the On January 16, as part of the repair work on the Grenzacher Bridge in Muttenz, we were able to lift the new 275 t, 50 m long reinforced concrete composite bridge over the N02 freeway using our 750 t crawler crane. Thanks to our modern equipment, it is possible to handle such unique load cases with this category of crane.
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Stadler Rail Transport
Last week we had the pleasure of transporting a railcar box from St. Margrethen to Dresden for our customer Stadler Rail.
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Exhibit for the new Heavy Metal Garden in Appenzellerpark
Seventh largest mining excavator in the world weighing 800 tons transported from Birsfelden to Herisau.
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Burckhardt Compressor Transport s
Oversized heavy transport
Recently, a piece of engineering art was maneuvered through the Zurzibiet from Winterthur to Basel. A special transporter from EMIL EGGER, loaded with a piston compressor from Burckhardt Compression AG, took on the challenge of transporting the valuable cargo safely along the Swiss roads.
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Baar, entrance Aegeristrassse
Transport of the motorboat Schwyz from Lake Zug to Lake Walen
The MS Schwyz changes the lake. The ship with a length of 31.2 m, a width of 7 m and a height of 4.4 m was lifted out of Lake Zug on Monday morning by two pneu cranes of the EMIL EGGER Group and loaded onto an articulated lorry. It will change lakes and be transported to Lake Walen under challenging conditions and, if everything goes according to plan, will finally be put into the water on Thursday.
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EMIL EGGER relies on Liebherr crawler cranes for the construction of an impressive wind farm
The EMIL EGGER Group is one of the top 20 crane service providers in the German-speaking region. In an eight-week deployment, we made an impressive contribution to renewable energy in Switzerland by installing six wind turbines in the Swiss Jura. The impressive turbines, manufactured by Enercon, are expected to produce 22 million kilowatt hours of electricity annually. Key to the successful erection of these wind turbines were modern Liebherr crawler cranes, which lifted loads of over 70 tons to an astonishing height of 100 meters.
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