Thinking in generations instead of quarters.

The EMIL EGGER Group, an owner-managed family business in its 3rd generation, with 11 locations and 800 employees throughout Switzerland, is characterized by many years of experience in the logistics industry and a strong customer focus. We take responsibility for the challenges as well as products of our customers & partners and are THE reliable professional for the entire logistics.


EMIL EGGER transports general cargo in any size and weight in 24 h service all over Switzerland. Whether pallets, bulky boxes or long goods, your goods are in safe hands with us.

EMIL EGGER ist Schwergutlogistikprofi und hat den grössten Raupenkran der Schweiz.


Experience, innovations and the most efficient crane and special transport fleet make EMIL EGGER the leading heavy cargo logistics company in Switzerland.

EMIL EGGER hat schweizweit Lager für Stückgut und Schwergut.


EMIL EGGER has numerous, well-located warehouses in Switzerland. From pallet warehouse to heavy lift warehouse with comprehensive infrastructure, we cover all needs of our customers.


For more than a decade now, Michael and Markus Egger have been managing the EMIL EGGER Group, headquartered in St. Gallen, a third-generation family business that is over 90 years old. With its general cargo, heavy cargo and warehousing units, EMIL EGGER offers forward-looking full-service logistics.


EMIL EGGER transports, places and stores all shapes and sizes of general cargo.

In addition to handling all general cargo formats, whether pallets, crates or long goods, the company has a good network that enables efficient transports throughout Switzerland and abroad. Within 24 hours or also scheduled delivery the cargo reaches its destination all over Switzerland. Hazardous goods shipments are an additional component of the extensive range of services.

The transshipment centers are all equipped with covered loading ramps and overhead crane facilities. A diverse transport fleet, which also integrates loader cranes, ensures smooth loading and unloading of diverse formats of general cargo. Intelligent and networked planning systems ensure adherence to schedules and reliability.

EMIL EGGER cargo handling general cargo logistics for long goods



Rhaetian Railway replaces three old steel bridges - EMIL EGGER takes over crane work

Decades of experience in heavy cargo logistics and the modern crane fleet, which includes the strongest crawler crane in Switzerland with 1000 tons lifting capacity, make EMIL EGGER the leading national heavy lift professional. In the DACH region, we are among the top 20 crane service providers.



Free warehouse space EMIL EGGER LogisticsStorage of goods is also one of the competitive advantages of EMIL EGGER. The storage of all possible formats is a particularly sought-after service thanks to state-of-the-art warehouses and associated equipment, such as powerful indoor cranes.

Heavy cargo warehouse logistics goods management EMIL EGGER Switzerland



The advantages of the owner-managed company lie in its speed, decisiveness and consideration of customer and employee individuality. The brothers benefit from the family’s many years of experience in the industry and are doing everything they can to further expand their expert status and generate clear customer benefits in the form of first-class logistics solutions.



In cooperation with us, you can expect concentrated, well-founded know-how in crane, assembly and transport issues. Industry-specific, personal and absolutely confidential. Through our involvement and the holistic, economic way of thinking for your project, we reduce interfaces. In this way, we increase quality and efficiency with the goal of shorter construction times as well as faster commissioning and higher schedule reliability.



Due to the comprehensive, partly unique and combinable offers in the area of general cargo, heavy lift and warehouse logistics as well as the combination of high flexibility and quality, EMIL EGGER is an important and often irreplaceable partner for the customers.


Subsidiary HALAG

Your strong partner for customs clearance

For professional customs clearance you can rely on our subsidiary HALAG. With two locations in St. Margrethen in Switzerland and Wolfurt in Austria, it performs the following tasks:

  • Import and export customs clearance
  • authorized consignee and consignor in St. Margrethen
  • Individual handling adapted to needs
  • Advice on customs matters
  • Europe-wide customs clearance partner



History of the EMIL EGGER group

From small timber and coal traders to logistics medium sized enterprise

For more than 90 years, the family-owned company EMIL EGGER has been operating as a reliable logistics service provider.

Originally, the Egger family was a farming family that leased a farm in the Kirchli on Peter and Paul above St. Gallen. When the lease ended and the almost adult sons showed no interest in farming, Johann Egger somewhat reluctantly bought a wood and coal business where logistics were still done with horses. 1931 the official foundation of the pure logistics service provider (at that time there was no official name for it) of the “Egger Brothers” took place by the sons Hans and Emil Egger. The headquarters of the first company was in the Heiligkreuz in St. Gallen.

Large investment in the first, 60 hp, truck

With the founding of EMIL EGGER TRANSPORTE, investments were also made for the first time in motorized transport vehicles in order to be able to work more efficiently and to spare the horses. The 60 hp of the first truck at that time provided helpful services, especially for the construction industry.

Skillful scheduling and further investment in a modern fleet also allowed business to flourish with deliveries of coal, sand and gravel as well as overland transports, which is why the company worked and drove tirelessly day and night. Furniture, windows, machines, etc. were also increasingly transported by truckS.
The company mastered many challenges as a logistics pioneer. In addition to legal requirements, which regularly made business more difficult, the 2nd World War was probably the biggest hurdle to overcome.


Emil Egger’s perseverance during the 2nd World War

The company mastered many challenges and crises as a logistics pioneer. Apart from legal requirements, which regularly made business more difficult, the 2nd World War was probably the greatest challenge.

At this time, Hans no longer believed in the future of the company, because the rationing of fuel, rubber or tires and the restriction measures of the driving performance pointed to a gloomy future development.

Emil Egger, however, wanted to fight, not least for the staff, who had grown very fond of him over the years. So he bought his brother’s shares and devoted all his energy to the company. Many hard struggles for livelihood followed.

Hans Egger later founded PNEU EGGER, another very successful company, which is still flourishing today, albeit under different ownership. The former Egger farming family became a family of entrepreneurs through the sons Hans and Emil.


During the war, various relief actions were organized by the Red Cross and other charitable institutions – Emil Egger also offered his services for this purpose. In order to protect themselves from air raids, each truck was covered with a large cloth, with Swiss cross. Also the supply of Switzerland from the year 1941 was secured only by the use of trucks. EMIL EGGER TRANSPORTE, together with other logisticians, collected the incoming food from overseas at the Portugal/Spain border and transported it through Spain to the border of France, which then reached Switzerland via the French railroad. Emil Egger and his employees drove day and night to secure the national supply. A hard time with little sleep, nota bene without sleeping cabin!

When the terrible war finally came to an end in 1945, Emil Egger carried out transports from Germany to Switzerland for private companies, among others, in order to retrieve goods of Swiss ownership.

The post-war years bring growth

After the war, good years followed and the company was able to develop and grow steadily. ETE became a popular contact for logistics issues and an important employer in the region. The distinctive letter logo ETE was designed by founding father Emil Egger on a beer mat at the time and from then on adorned the company’s vehicles, right up to the present day.


Early specialization in heavy cargo logistics

As early as 1956, Emil Egger recognized the need to specialize in the heavy cargo sector as well. Larger and larger machines were produced, which also had to be transported. Emil Egger designed a low-bed trailer of his own design with a payload of 15 tons. In addition, the first fully hydraulic, all-wheel steer and drive truck crane was purchased from the USA. At the time, it was only the third such machine in the whole of Europe, with a massive lifting capacity of 4.5 tons for the time. The technical developments over the last nine decades alone show how great the changes have been and still are. Do we have today a crawler crane with 1000 tons lifting capacity in the fleet.

The personnel was as important as the special equipment, because only trained personnel could perform the service correctly. Thus, EMIL EGGER TRANSPORTE was already an expert in the field of heavy cargo at that time. Industrial relocations and special transports throughout Switzerland were the result. Pneu cranes with a lifting capacity of up to 18 tons completed the then state-of-the-art fleet of the logistics pioneer.

Medium-sized company in firm family hands

In 1965, Emil Egger decided to transform the company into a stock corporation. A quite progressive legal form at that time, which is still valid today. The entire capital is still held by family members today.


Expansion of general cargo logistics in close cooperation of the first two generations

In 1966, Heini Egger, at the age of 20, the youngest son of Emil Egger, joined the company after completing his apprenticeship as a mechanic. The cooperation between father and son worked out excellently. Both focused on strong expansion in the general cargo logistics sector.

21st century: Entry of the 3rd generation and death of the company founder

Emil Egger passed away in 2006, barely two weeks after the death of his beloved wife Idamarie, at the age of 94. His two grandsons, Michael and Markus Egger, joined the successful company in 2004 and 2007.


21st century

The new millennium is characterized above all by the expansion of infrastructure. New warehouses and handling halls as well as office space were built. Further numerous investments in the fleet and location expansions, such as through the purchase of Zumwald Transports SA in western Switzerland, continuously improved services for customers. Thanks to its extensive infrastructure and state-of-the-art fleet of vehicles, as well as its qualified, experienced personnel, EMIL EGGER AG is able to further strengthen its market position and also further expand its path from a regional company to the Swiss market leader in the field of heavy cargo logistics.



The development from a coal trade with one horse, to a transport company with a single truck, to today – a top logistics company in Switzerland. Emil Egger was always an entrepreneur with heart and soul and devoted all his energy to the family and the company. Heini Egger is still full of passion for the family business and is still active not only as Chairman of the Board of Directors, but also in operations.

Both generations of entrepreneurs have conveyed values to the current third generation and employees that continue to bring us success today.



Professionalism at EMIL EGGER means meeting the most demanding standards, the customer recognizes this in the quality of the results we deliver.


Solution orientation

At EMIL EGGER, solution orientation means that the needs of the customer are addressed in a tailor-made manner. If a customer has a problem, he will be supported with a solution in any case. Numerous customers reward this philosophy with a long-term partnership.

Team spirit

Communication is very open, the ability to recognize urgencies, to take responsibility and to act independently, goal-oriented and quickly is appreciated.


As a heavy lift profile logistics company, EMIL EGGER owns the largest crawler crane in Switzerland.

EMIL EGGER has warehouses for general cargo and heavy lift throughout Switzerland.

Emergency salvage by EMIL EGGER

Smooth processes between dispatch and driver

Teamwork and cohesion


For over 90 years

In the third generation

“Thinking in generations, instead of quarters – not an empty slogan for the family business EMIL EGGER. It’s not the short-term return that’s our goal – we value sustainability, in the sense of organic growth and investment in employees, infrastructure and, of course, a high-performance fleet to ensure the company’s continued existence for many decades to come.”

Heini Egger
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Open jobs at our locations

EMIL EGGER AG is present at strategically important locations. This makes it possible to offer the customer an optimal service. In addition, this prevents unnecessary long journeys to customers, which in turn is in line with our environmental concept of reducing CO² emissions.