Urban logistics


EMIL EGGER establishes efficient city logistics. Freight traffic in cities and conurbations is bundled and, in addition to conserving resources, also reduces noise and exhaust gas. By means of cooperation and optimal planning we bring sustainable concepts to relieve traffic and environment. We bundle goods deliveries for our customers in cities and metropolitan areas and still ensure seamless and rapid order fulfillment.


We take care of the regional logistics of your freight in the city of St. Gallen or in the region of Eastern Switzerland. We also pick up goods and place them in our terminal for collection.

If the need for it is urgent, we also offer extra trips to the entire region, provide temporary storage if required or take over the entire transport on request.

The EMIL EGGER pilot project to reduce trucking trips in St. Gallen’s city center is now well established. With the help of the Ruckstuhl Transport AG, macro hubs were set up in the east and west of the city. The collection of general cargo from other transport companies takes place there in exchange for a fee per pallet handled as well as the loading of the goods onto the company’s own trucks. The goods are then bundled so that as much as possible can be transported to the city center at once. This allows for a corresponding reduction in empty runs, which have a negative impact on air quality, climate, urban road network use.

Advantages of urban logistics from EMIL EGGER

  • Avoidance of unprofitable empty runs to the peripheral regions of eastern Switzerland
  • Reduction of CO² emissions
  • Bypassing restricted delivery/collection times in St. Gallen city center
  • Saving time
  • Benefit from on-time pickup and delivery by local and  carefully trained employees.
  • Neutral handling and absolute customer protection
  • Reduction of LSVA costs (performance-related heavy vehicle fee)
Markus EGGER Geschäftsleitung bei EMIL EGGER AG Familienunternehmen


“Bundled delivery of goods, especially to recipients in city centers, with as few delivery trips per day as possible conserves resources and reduces traffic and environmental impacts in already congested urban areas.”

Markus Egger

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